2017 Fellows

2017 Fellows

Born in Dondon, North of Haiti, Vernet is the last child of a humble Christian family. After completing his secondary education at Lycee in Cap Haitian, He went to Port-au-Prince to complete a Bachelor of Art in Teaching Modern Languages at Ecole Normale Superieure, State University Of Haiti. While there, he also started a study of anthropology sociology at Faculte d’Ethnology. Called by urgent needs of the cholera epidemic, he worked for Doctors Without Borders- Spain as a peer educator and translator. In 2011, He joined Zanmi Lasante/Partners in Health as the Continuing Education and Training Director. Meanwhile, He followed several seminars and courses abroad mostly in Leadership. Vernet has worked for Teachers Without Borders, Handicap International, and for several universities as a teacher.

He devotes his time to education, business and leadership. Moreover, he co-founded Soins de Santé Scolaire pour Haiti and Langues Culture Monde. Currently, Vernet is completing a Masters program in Education at University of Rouen.

Junior Mesamour is married and father of two. While majoring in Theology, Junior began teaching English. Upon graduation in 2005, he started translating for the Haiti Hospital Appeal, a London (UK) based charity, and for the missionaries of The Friends of Fort-Liberté, based in Charleston, West Virginia. He also joined the United Nations in 2007 as a translator. Junior is currently pursuing a bachelors degree in Political Science and volunteers on a TV show focused on social and political issues in Fort-Liberté . Furthermore, he coordinated the first edition of Scholas Citizenship, a youth forum organized by the Pope Francis’ foundation, Scholas. Finally he is co-founder of “Kasav an nou”; a premium cassava bread business founded by Haitian university students in January 2017.

Vraldiejge Valcin was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. She has a strong background in finance and human resources. With an interest in politics, Valcin enjoys being aware of what is going on in her environment. On her free time , she also enjoys watching movies, dancing, painting, hand crocheting, and going to the beach to watch the sunset. Of course she also likes to donate her time to help those in need from time to time. Valcin hopes this training will help widen her way of thinking so she can be a better leader and have a greater impact in her community and Haiti. She intends on taking this experience back to Haiti and making a difference.

Hérode Victor has a license in Business Management which has prepared him for leadership in small and middle enterprises. He speaks Creole, French, English and some Spanish and Portuguese. Herode believes that “based on the problems that Haiti faces, the country needs men and women capable of interacting with the system in order to bring lasting change”. His goal is to become a great entrepreneur that will create that change.

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