2018 Fellows

About Hans

Hans Michel BEAUGELUS is from Delmas, Haiti. He is the Co-Founder and President of EAPES (Entrepreneurs in Action for Social and Economic Progress). EAPES’ mission is to work for the development and promotion of the entrepreneurial spirit in Haiti. His life purpose is to contribute to the emancipation of a new generation of entrepreneurs, inspired business leaders that will play a major role in the social economic development of Haiti.


About Nehemie

Néhémie Jean Marie William Douyon is from Les Cayes, Haiti. He currently works for the Episcopalian University of Haiti as the Librarian/Coordinator of a business incubator called Making Your Business. He has an interest to learn as much as he can about leadership and entrepreneurship. Nehemie has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and is also working on his own startup based in Les Cayes.


About Raoul

Raoul Junior JOSEPH is from Tabarre, Haiti and is the CEO of Papito’z, a subsidiary of the food and drink company, RAIN. This company is involved in increasing economic opportunities by standardizing agriculturally transformed products through quality and presentation. His few years of being an entrepreneur and managing a team of over 20 people including the farmers network (suppliers) has provided him with perspective on several angles. Raoul has Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Economics.

About Daniel

Daniel T. MARCELIN is from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. As a full time student, he is the founder of Loud & Thierry Multi-Services. He started this program due the economic state of Haiti. Daniel is a student of Computer Science and Management at Ecole Supérieure d’Infotronique d’Haiti.





About Haendel

Haendel Immanuele Hayden MERISIER is from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He is co-founder of COPO Coffee, a Haitian coffee company. The Vision/Mission is to have the greatest coffee company in the world, to value Haitian coffee worldwide and help heal the wounds of Haiti’s economy. Haendel is currently studying computer science with a minor in management.


About Loudwige

Loudwidge ODICE is from Cap-Haitien, Haiti. She is full-time student focusing on computer science. Loudwige is also co-founder of Loud$Thierry Multiservices which provides services such a developing websites, mobile applications and printing services. She also assists kids in learning Microsoft Office during her spare time.



About Eujudnie

Eujudnie PHILISTIN is from Cap-Haitian, Haiti. She is co-founder of Kasav an Nou, a modern cassava bread business that offers standard service and gives job opportunities to people. She has passion and enthusiasm for social entrepreneurship, women’s rights and leadership.



About Jean Benisse

Jean Benisse D. SYLVAIN is from Jeremie, Haiti. He is a full-time student studying to be an agronomist. Jean Benisse is also currently building an organization involving social development, sustainable agriculture, and environmental protection.




About Ejymson

Ejymson VALMIR is from Cap-Haitian, Haiti. He is founder and CEO of CAPVERTHAITI. The organization works in urban agriculture, agricultural valorization of waste and environmental education. For environmental education, they offer conferences and trainings on the environment while organizing activities such as excursions.


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