2020-21 Cohort


Obed Arris leads ARRIS & CO which focuses on tackling environmental issues by turning waste into useful products. Arris & Co manufactures backpacks, clothes and art that meet the highest standards of quality and professional ethics while combining “Elegance with Recycling”.


Roro Benjamin works with ARRIS & CO team which focuses on tackling environmental issues by turning waste into useful products. Arris & Co manufactures backpacks, clothes and art that meet the highest standards of quality and professional ethics while combining “Elegance with Recycling”.


Diane Bissereth Journalist originally from Tabarre, Haiti, is a co-founder of Women’s Dofen News. The objective of Dofen is to inform, educate and empower women. Dofen aims to give a voice to women of     all backgrounds who can share their experiences, challenges, and success.


Shiler Cherefant is with ARRIS & CO team which focuses on tackling environmental issues by turning waste into useful products. Arris & Co manufactures backpacks, clothes and art that meet the highest standards of quality and professional ethics while combining “Elegance with Recycling”.


Kenia Delva is founder and CEO of Okazya, an event planning company in Cayes, Haiti. Kenia’s event planning company handles everything for clients including planning, finding venues, catering, photography and video, beautician services and more. Okazya’s goal is to help bring convenience to their clients’ life by providing well organized event planning services for a successful outcome.


Delice Dorvil is from Jeremie, Haiti. His business is Eagle English Academy founded in 2017. The English Academy helps children, adults and professionals     to improve their English skills which can lead to opportunities to improve their economic opportunities.


Gregory Francois is from Cayes, Haiti     and the project manager for Handipad,
a project under the National Associative Network for the Integration of People
with Disabilities (RANIPH). This project aims to increase the education rate of
people living with a handicap in Haiti,     and to ensure a quality education to
encourage a wider participation of     people with disabilities in society.


Skendy Germeus is founder of, a company and crowdfunding platform that offers technical support and financial assistance to businesses in rural Haiti. Representing the Department of Nippes, Skendy and his team initially targets farmers in their local department. The Banmzèl platform offers everyone, especially Haitians in the diapora, the opportunity to participate in the development of their country by investing or supporting a business in Haiti.


Jeffson Joseph is originally from Gonaives, Haiti and founder of El Classico.
His company is involved in the textile industry and specializes in bowties, lapel
flowers and suits. El Clasico aims to solve identity issues in society by offering
customers a personalized look that matches their brand and expresses their


Nehemie Samuel Merilien is from Port-de-Paix Haiti, is CEO of Institution Mixte     La Colombe, an educational and social service institution. With many of Haiti’s resources concentrated in     Port-au-Prince, the institution focuses on providing quality education in the Port-de-Paix. The school aims to develop kids to reach their optimal potential.


Yasmine Metellus is from Kenscoff, Haiti. She is the founder and CEO of Campus Professionnel Kenscoff (CPK), the first professional school in the municipality of Kenscoff with the vision to train professionals who are changemakers. CPK aims to increase the number of educated and skilled professionals in the Kenscoff community through accessible education which will reduce poverty and unemployment.


Estiverne Moise is originally from Port-au-Prince Haiti. He is the founder of Pet life
Pharma International S.A, a company that breeds scorpions, extracts their venom, and
export to companies outside of Haiti. Scorpion Venom is known as the most
expensive liquid in the world and can be used for different medicinal purposes.


Antonio Nicolas is originally from Petion-Ville, Haiti and is the founder of Metalik Ayiti. Founded in 2018, Metalik Ayiti solves problems related to the consumption of clean street food through the building of personalized catering carts and mobile restaurants. Metalik Ayiti gives street vendors a fresh new way of providing mobile catering while also creating jobs and opportunities for entrepreneurs.


Lourdwith Paul is originally from Cap-Haitien Haiti is CEO of Plastilux Recycle. Her company manufactures construction pavers from melted plastic and waste mixed with sand. Plastilux Recycle has     the goal to produce pavers for the construction of roads in much needed areas in Haiti.


Certil Remy is originally from Delmas, Haiti. He is the founder of Katkat Game, a video game company that transforms education content into games to help children learn while playing. The game modules are chosen according to the Haitian National Ministry Education Program. Certil develops games for mobile and personal computers and customizes games based on needs of different schools


Naphetalie Laure Saint Louis owns Mabinfane Bar Restaurant. The company also provides catering services to clients for events such as weddings, graduations, and seminars to name a few. Mabinfane also solves the problem of food safety for clients while making the services convenient through mobile catering.


Woodzor Similien is from the Capital; Port-au-Prince, Haiti. She is the founder of WOOBYDOO, a fast-casual restaurant specialized in Cassava with the taste of authentic Haitian cuisine that redefines the idea of Haitian fast food. The restaurant helps people who don’t have time to cook to have an option for healthy food at an affordable price. Woodzor aims to expand her operations throughout the city of Portau-Prince so that people can have healthy, fast-food options.


Maryns-Starline Labossière Is the founder of Yotta Group HT and is from     Les Cayes, Haiti. Yotta group provides services in social media management, web application development,     production of digital content, and information technology training. Yotta group aims to help more students and women entrepreneurs integrate the use of technology to benefit their business and personal objectives.


Remy Telfils is from Jacmel, Haiti. He is the CEO of Cafe Lux, an agro-industrial company founded in 2013 that produces high quality gourmet coffee. The company’s vision is to provide quality coffee on the national and international level while positively contributing the country’s GDP. Cafe Lux has 30 employees composed mostly of women.


Andrea Christie Louis is from Cayes Haiti. She is CEO of Rosemela Products, a company involved in the production, transformation and the selling of the bio-organic products derived from coconut. Some of Rosemela’s products include traditional tea and fruit jam


Rhalf Kerby Jean Louis is from La     Gonave Island, Haiti. His business EGGS     & MORE is the only egg producer on the island of La Gonâve. The company also uses innovative techniques to produce original products like Moringa eggs. Their mission is to increase accessibility,     reduce the consumption of imported eggs of poor quality, reduce nutritional
deficiency and unemployment.


Winnie Petit Paul, originally from     Delmas, Haiti is a co-founder of HaitiBrand, a branding agency involved     in uplifting communities. HaitiBrand implements branding strategies for corporations, events and SMEs. Their mission is to rebrand Haiti and help entrepreneurs create authentic content that can     position them globally and increase their revenue.


Rockendy Rene, originally from Ouanaminth, is CEO of AGRIVI. Founded in 2016, AGRIVI is a social enterprise that processes and markets agricultural products such as paddy rice. The company recently acquired 6 hectares in Haiti and plans to start processing and selling castor oil on the international market this year.

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