Solar Entrepreneurship Program
Date: May 7 – 9, 2018
Thoman Hope Center, Haiti

What is the Haiti Solar Entrepreneurship Program?
The Solar Entrepreneurship Program (SEP) is a 3-day intense, hands-on program that provides a group of entrepreneurs and university students from Haiti the opportunity to explore solar entrepreneurship. Participants will received technical training, operational training, and organize business models around solar energy and business. The program’s intention is to build more entrepreneurs in Haiti who will not only capitalize on the industry’s potential, but also provide solutions to electrical and energy related issues in Haiti

Our Mission
Modeled after the BEL Initiative, the SEP seeks to stimulate investments, job creation, and sustainability in Haiti by driving business development, promoting entrepreneurship, and cultivating transformational leadership.

Partners/ Program
The Georgia Haitian-American Chamber of Commerce has partnered with the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers – Power Energy Society at Georgia Institute of Technology and But God Ministries to make the program possible.

The 2018 Solar Entrepreneurship Program was hosted by But God Ministries at the Thoman Hope Center in Thoman, Haiti. The program is free of charge to all participants.

Program Overview         
Day 1- Introduction to Solar Energy
Day 2- Solar Panel, System Design & Operation
Day 3 – Business Model Canvas

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