Pitching /Investment Success Stories

BEL fellows go through rigorous training on pitching and learning how to effectively communicate their ideas, projects and business plans. Some are even introduced to the pitching concept for the first time during the program. Below are a few success stories attributed to the education/training from the BEL Initiative program.

Joseph Kendy Jules wins Booster Pitch Competition from Haitian-Canadian Chamber of Commerce 

Jean Benisse Sylvain successfully pitched to win funding for laundromat

-Peterson ALCE received funding for farming project in Haiti from New York based investors

-4 fellows from the 2018 Cohort received funding offers from Atlanta based angel investors

-2017 fellow leaves program with a partnership from an Atlanta-based company


Though most of the participants chosen for the program typically come in with operating businesses, a few participate while in idea phase or launch other startups. Launching is sometimes the most difficult part, so we celebrate those who move their plans from idea phase into fruition!

Jean Benisse Sylvain opens a laundromat in his hometown Jérémie

-Daniella Bien-Aime Launches Lev’elles Up

Joseph Kendy Jules launches Agrigou only 5 months after program

-Dr. Edwin Magloire starts his own branding and marketing firm, brandpill

-Vraldiejge Valcin kicks off Bella Cookies

Social Initiatives

We encourage social entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility. Within the BEL curriculum, we ensure part of the program reminds fellows how important impact is in a developing country. We enjoy taking notice of social projects and initiatives that were inspired by participation in the program.

Vernet Etienne holds diabetes screening day in hometown inspired by experience in fellowship

BEL fellows launch training program for shoemakers with support from U.S. Embassy

Other Success Stories

By encouraging fellows to work with each other, introducing them to previous cohorts, and connecting them to the diaspora, and creating an international network, BEL is continuing to build a healthy ecosystem for Haitian entrepreneurs. Participation in the program also increases the entrepreneurs’ visibility, professional status, and provides exposure for their personal and business brands. Below are few other success stories

-Dr. Edwin Magloire’s firm, brandpill, gains international clients

Agrigou hits the shelf in Haiti supermarkets

Ejymson Valmir selected as Campus Director of Hultz Prize after participation in BEL

-Haendel Merisier’s Copo Coffee selected as official coffee for 7th Annual National Alliance for the Advancement of Haitian Professionals (NAAHP) Conference


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