Agrigou Ginger Powder (Bottle)

Agrigou Ginger Powder (Bottle)


Our ground ginger from Haiti is fresh, 100% natural and it is really convenient to elevate the taste of your ginger tea. It also has the finest quality powder to make a tasteful food. Our company based in Jacmel, Haiti buys its raw ginger directly from Haitian farmers who grow spices in the mountains of southeastern rural Haiti and therefore it has a different aroma and taste from the conventional products you’ll find in most of the supermarkets. Support Haitian entrepreneurship while enjoying the taste of our healthy and delicious ginger!

Agrigou is a Haitian company that takes different raw products and transforms them into raw spices that can be used to season food and prepare meals. Agrigou boasts two popular products; ginger powder and tumeric powder. On December 30th, 2019, Agrigou was launched by Joseph Kendy Jules, a 2019 BEL fellow and his team, Jean Hébert HECTOR and Rusten Ocgena CHARLES. 

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