The BEL Initiative 2017 program closed on a high note on June 24th, 2017. For two weeks, 4 entrepreneurs from Haiti spent hours and days attaining information, ideas and opportunities. With the foundation of business, entrepreneurship and leadership, the program focused on using those skills to focus on four industries that are important in Haiti. Those areas included leadership, tourism, renewable energy and international business. The program participants spent one week on the campus of Albany State University focusing on leadership and tourism, then traveled to Atlanta and spent another week on the campus of Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) focusing on renewable energy and international business.  In between those lectures, visits and sessions, the participants were invited to discuss business opportunities in Haiti, lunch with the Consulate General of Haiti in Atlanta, radio shows and even an interview with the local news station in Albany. It was obvious that people and organizations were excited about their presence. A busy and fulfilling experience it was. The program ended with a business pitch/presentations held at the Advance Technology Development Center – Georgia Tech. All of the participants received much support from the judges and attendees and interest from a few investors.

The 2017 BEL Cohort are the future Businessmen/women, Entrepreneurs and Leaders of Haiti. They are intelligent, ambitious and have already started making changes in their communities. The BEL Initiative aims to support the endeavors of these entrepreneurs by connecting them to the necessary resources that will make them successful. We know that by helping these program participants reach their goals, we will be supporting not just one person, but a whole community. We look forward to BEL 2018!

Thanks you 2017 Cohort: (from left to right)  Junior Mesamours,  Vernet Etienne, Herode Victor and Vraldiejge Valcin.

Visit with the Consulate General of Haiti in Atlanta


Tour of Tech Square Labs with Sheffie Robinson, owner of Bantunium Labs


On the campus of Albany State University

At the  Georgia Tech Strategic Energy Institute with Dr. Samuel Shelton, Founder of SEI