Jean Benisse D. Sylvain ’18

On one hand, I am a member of a non-profit organization named ASAGA (Grand’Anse Association of Agronomists), which is involved in sustainable agriculture and environment protection. On the other hand, I am CEO of LAKAY Blanchisserie, an enterprise based in Jérémie, Haiti which offers dry cleaning and laundry services using modern equipment. The objectives of this startup are:  1.Offering an alternative to the use of firewood which is very harmful to the environment by using electric iron press, 2. Solve the problem of scarcity of laundry services, 3. Generate income in the local economy by creating several direct and indirect jobs.

Our laundry services solution won a prize in a competition organized by the Haitian Ministry of Trade and Industry (MCI) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).  We are still far from reaching our goals as we are executing other projects such as a chicken farm that we are currently seeking funding for. However, we are staying focused on executing so that we can have a lasting impact on our community.

LAKAY Blanchisserie will have it’s grand opening on March 7th in Jérémie, Haiti.

Business Location: Jérémie, Haiti