When Daniella Bien-Aime originally started her journey as a BEL Fellow,  she started as an accountant and CEO of Miel d’or. Throughout her journey, her vision was to distribute the best honey all over the world and thrive in a honey-based-cosmetic industry. Now Daniella and co-founder, Vanessa Charles have paved the way to start a platform that helps women in Haiti to not only see beyond traditional employment, but see bigger opportunities. Which inspires the name of her new platform, Lev’elles up, a play on “Level up” and “elles” the pronoun for the feminine “they” in french. 

Lev’elles Up founders Daniella Bien-Aime (left) & Vanessa Charles (right)

It’s a community founded by women and for women to empower one another to level up and inspire each other to achieve success in different aspects of their lives. Join Daniella as she continues to embark on her journey by becoming a member of Lev’elles up today! We congratulate our fellow for bringing some much needed change for women in Haiti.  




For more information,see below or visit levellesup.com. Click HERE for membership form.