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brandpill is the brain and heart child of Dr Edwin Magloire. Born, raised and based in Haiti, he noticed that most ambitious entrepreneurs who think big still struggle with creating a loyal customer base.

Even after years, they often fail to connect their valuable products and services with a particular market using a powerful brand as the interface.

They also struggle with constantly needing to make the right decisions for their company’s growth while running day to day operations and making sure the brand communicates properly at the same time.

After climbing the roles of creative director, digital marketer and assistant strategic planner at the oldest creative agency in Haiti, he created brandpill.

brandpill is a brand building and brand management firm using a long term strategic approach to create stellar design and marketing communication.

Our focus on strategic guidance enables entrepreneurs who want to create high impact brands to get the clarity they need when making decisions for their businesses.

We exist to work with sick brands (especially Haitian ones) and then make them better so that they can become truly competitive in the local and global markets.

When we say “Grow for Good” we mean two things:

For Good, meaning truly, measurably and in the long term. It addresses both the pain-point of entrepreneurs having hit-and-miss marketing efforts and the gain-point of the consistent growth brandpill allows.

For Good, also means to do good in the world. We believe that companies can be mission-based and profitable at the same time, so it addresses our mission which is to assist entrepreneurs in bringing economic and social value to our community.

We are passionate about creating, problem-solving and we are competitive ourselves.

If you’re also looking for excellence, join us on that journey!


brandpill consult is your access to a marketing expert for one-one-one or group consulting. Areas of expertise are Business Model Generation …..

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PROGROUP Session on Value Proposition Design

MBA Refill - Insights from the brandpill Progroup


The brandpill Consult Progroup is a community of entrepreneurs seeking clarity in their decisions while refining their entrepreneurial knowledge. We call it the never-ending MBA!

The subscription gives access to:

– Weekly consulting and education sessions on entrepreneurship and marketing.

– Business and Marketing Idea Banks tailor-made to members

– Preferential rates for brandpill marketing and communication services

– A pool of experts in the field of business

– Access to the resources of the various brandpill partners

The subscription is set at 35USD/ Month paid and renewed at the end of each month.

Save by subscribing for 6 months at 135USD

Or for 12 months at 350USD

The Ultimate goal of the Progroup is to elevate Haiti’s level of entrepreneurship which will impact its economy positively. So if for one reason or another, you are or you know an entrepreneur who can’t afford the Progroup but could benefit from it tremendously… Write us.

We may be able to sponsor your membership.

Some eligibility criteria remain at the discretion of the brandpill administration.

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