BEL Applicant Evaluation Form

**Keep in mind that we are NOT expecting applicants to be PERFECT businessmen and women, so do not hold them to these standards. The program exists to help them through entrepreneurship education and access to resources.However, we are expecting selected candidates to have made significant progress in their business or project. Ideally we are searching for those in startup stage, growth stage and established stage. CLICK HERE for definitions

Applicants should not be discriminated against by race, gender, religion, disability or sexual orientation.

The committee will use the following criteria to evaluate applications. Each bullet point is not required but should be used to guide.

Committed to return to Haiti to implement ideas, knowledge, and skills obtained
Have been operating your business, organization or project for at least 1 year
Impact that your company is having on your community or Haiti
Scalability of your company or organization
The ability to work cooperatively in diverse groups and respect the opinions of others
Strong communication skills
Creative/Innovative thinker & Risk taker

1. Use the form below to evaluate your assigned BEL applicant. After completing each field.
2. Take note of each applicant score and update the google doc with appropriate information
3. Click submit

Based on what you can tell in application
(To receive copy of evaluation)

SECTION I: Please review the applicant's file to give a score between 0-10 for each question. Each question in this section can receive a maximum of 10 points.

Experience in business or as an entrepreneur (based on what you read in application)

Experience in leadership role (based on what you read in application)

Formal training in chosen industry

Practical or hands on experience in industry

Age of business or project? (at least 1 year is preferable)

What problem is your organization seeking to solve question (Impact business is having)

Business/project connection with at least one of BEL's 10 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) (view SDGs on front page of BEL website)

Why should you be chosen to participate question

What do you hope to get out of this program question

Scalabiliity of company or project


Section I (max =100)

Section II:
Please review the applicant's file to give a score between 0-10 for each question.

Reference Letter(s)

Business Registration/Incorporation (check file for proof of documents)

Proof of Revenue

Applicant is from a BEL underserved department.
Artibonite, Centre, Nord-Est, Nord-Ouest, Nippes = 10 points
Grand'Anse, Sud, Sud-Est = 8 points
Nord = 4 points
Ouest = 0 points


Section II


Section I & II
BEL Initiative