This month we honor Women’s History Month by highlighting women who are making a difference. 

Meet Stephanie Sainvil “LaPearl”, founder of PearlNwà

I left Haiti with great pride in who I am. A burning passion for my heritage. I love my culture, which is why I made my first  Carnival Debut in 2002 at the age of 18, “For The Love Of Haiti,” known now as “PearlNwà.” 
The Official Atlanta Dekalb Carnival Haitian Mas Band. 
PearlNwà is a Haitian Culture Group that represent Haiti’s vibrant culture, Carnival experiences, and rich history. 
After attending Carnival back in 2002 and seeing Haiti was not Being represented,
I decided to change that and take matters into my own hands and going strong for ten years.  If you are not already aware, Saturday Memorial day weekend is when the Caribbean people of Georgia get together to showcase their roots, as it pertains to Carnival. 
We are here for the Community not just in Carnival but for everything that represents Haiti. 
This year, 2020, we launch our new brunch Series “Sexy Grenadia Brunch,” featuring our latest product. The Sexy Grenadia Punch available for sale every Sunday at Ole restaurant, and we also provide special deliveries.

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