Myrtha Vilbon, owner of Glory Industries, is a great example of entrepreneurs creating jobs in Haiti. “She has created over 100 jobs, and about 70 percent of the workers in her factory are women.” Knowing the importance of hygiene and toilet paper, she has now created an empire and the first company to manufacture toilet paper in Haiti.

“I would like to empower every woman to believe in themselves,” she said. “When women do something, they focus more on it because they know they have something to prove. Even in their subconscious, they invest themselves.”She preaches perseverance, patience and a passion to achieve.“Every bad thing that happens to me in life somehow brings me something positive. I am today an attorney. I went back to school and after five years graduated last September and got a law degree.” The path to success isn’t a straight line, Vilbon said. “It’s a broken line. You are going to fall, you are going to stumble. But don’t get discouraged.””(Excerpt from The Miami Herald)

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