BEL Sponsorship

Flight Sponsorship

The 2019 program will include flights from Haiti to Atlanta, to Iowa City and back. Your contribution towards a fellow’s flight will ensure fellows can matriculate through the program and meet future stakeholders of their businesses and projects!

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Lodging Sponsorship

The 2019 BEL cohort will spend time on three university campuses, Albany State University, Georgia Institute of Technology and University of Iowa. Contribution to this expense ensures that fellows will have adequate housing during the program.

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Meal Sponsorship

Of course the fellows will need to eat! Meal sponsorship covers meals while fellows are on the university campuses and while they are traveling and connecting. Breakfast, lunch, dinner will be covered for each fellow.

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Invest in a Fellow!

If you would simply like to contribute to fellow or support the program in your own special way and amount, do so here! The program takes requires a lot of work and we are appreciative of even the smallest contribution. Thanks in advance!


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BEL Initiative