At BEL Initiative we pride ourselves in sharing our resources with entrepreneurs in Haiti and beyond. Today we’re introducing you to one of our partners. brandpill is a Haiti-based brand building and management firm that redesigned our logo as well as our social media identity.

What we appreciate the most about their approach is the fact they put a lot of emphasis on brand strategy that once defined, automatically translates into stellar visual execution that’s truly aligned with a brand’s values, mission and growth goals.

In the context of the COVID19 pandemic, they’ve been sharing a message with all their clients and we felt you needed to hear it too. So here you go:

The Perfect Medication Against COVID-19

Every business has an essence, a set of values and characteristics that give it the potential to impact a given market in a unique way.

At brandpill we capture all these elements using strategic tools and condense them inside a little special pill that when used and shared with your staff, creates alignment and puts you on the path growth immediately. Yes, every business has its own brandpill and we exist to help you find it.

The devastating effects of COVID19 has made us change the way we assist our clients in guiding their brands in the correct direction. According to studies, around 30% of customers expect brands to advertise differently during the pandemic.

We’re very far from business and marketing as usual. We are learning new routines and can’t wait to share new strategies with you to help your business adapt post-COVID19.

But in the meantime, while science is working tirelessly to find a cure for the disease, while we’re still working remotely to build and manage your brand, we’re adding our drop to the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic.

Please receive this free, limited edition Social Distancing pill we’ve designed just for you. It’s so good for the economy, you’ll even want to share it with your competition.

Stay safe, this too shall pass… and when it does, we’ll be here to help you reach new heights.

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