Vernet Etienne ’17
Co-founder of Soins de Santé Scolaire pour Haiti (SSSH)
About Vernet and Soins de Santé Scolaire pour Haiti (SSSH):


My name is Vernet Etienne. I have worked with two major medical field organizations in the last twelve years; Doctor Without borders and Partners In Health in Haiti. This experience coupled with my competence in education brought me with other doctors to address the problem of low coverage of health care in Haiti above all for children at school.
Together with psychologist, doctors and educators, we created a holistic and comprehensive approach and established school based health care centers. The centers initiate illness prevention and primary care for children inside of schools that face medical problems on a daily basis where dispensary are very far from school.

Every year, we deliver health care for more than three thousands pupils, about 200 teachers and over 1000 parents. We prevent illnesses, train, and provide treatment in partnership with a local dispensary. Our team of nurses, psychologists, doctors and educators are devoted and work countless hours to increase school results by solving health and hygienic issues at the school.






Business Location : Haiti (Port-Au-Prince and Cap-Haitian)

Contact Information: (509) 38426496 /


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